The Korbato stack is an integrated suite of front-end tools and back-end services that empower decision making througout the transit agency.

Data Management

Public transportation systems generate vast amounts of data. Proprietary and legacy fare-collection, vehicle-location, and scheduling systems can be difficult to integrate and analyze, but Korbato's ETL and data warehouse components automate the acquisition and cleaning of these data into a common format tailored for service-performance and ridership analytics. These data are hosted on secure, high-performance cloud servers, where they integrate seamlessly with Korbato analytics tools as well as third-party applications. Database health is intuitively monitored by administrative dashboards while anomalies in the input data are automatically detected, alerting both the transit agency and Korbato support.

modeling & Inference

While fare collection and real-time vehicle information are vital to transit providers and riders, the data collected by these systems are typically not designed for ridership or performance analytics. Korbato's modeling and inference algorithms intelligently combine these and other data sources to infer individual passenger origins, destinations, and transfers, which in turn enables passenger-weighted performance measures and system utilization metrics. Korbato also offers simulation modeling for assessing the impacts of changing infrastructure, technology, and control practices, as well as real-time dispatching and control optimization in order to maximize service reliability, respond to disruptions, and provide passenger information.

Decision Support

The rich data set in the Korbato stack, augmented by Korbato's proven modeling and inference algorithms, empowers operations and planning staff through a suite of reporting and decision-support tools. Intuitive dashboards and reports capture running times, ridership, passenger loads, and reliability, while passenger-centric analytics reveal the amount of waiting, crowding, and variability experienced by customers. And by exploring system performance and ridership through an array of novel data-mining and visualization tools, the Korbato suite fosters the discovery of new opportunities to improve service, reduce cost, and enhance the public's experience and utilization of their transit system.



Data management  ·  standardization  ·  database and ETL configuration  ·  calibration and validation


Technical support for tools and services  ·  maintenance of customer data


Transit planning and policy studies  ·  model validation  ·  schedule optimization


Korbato is founded by transit experts who have pioneered state-of-the-art inference and modeling algorithms as academic researchers, and who have implemented those technologies at leading transit agencies.

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